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About Us

The Georgia Bulldog Club of Central Florida was started, rather "founded," in 1980. We like to give ourselves a little credit for helping the Dawgs with that National Championship year, but realize that Herschel, Buck, Lindsey and the boys probably had a little more to say about it than we did.

At the moment, we have about 135 paid members. Before the 1999 season, we had zero paid members due to lack of organization, lack of interest, or whatever. Our "prospective" membership of alumni in the area is in excess of 800.

Our primary goal is to facilitate a way for all of the area alumni and fans to experience the football season together in fellowship. We are accomplishing that with a dedicated meeting place (Buffalo Wild Wings), as well as a web site and a "hotline" phone number to communicate with everybody interested. We have in the past chartered buses for games played in Florida (i.e. the Outback Bowl, and the game in Jacksonville) depending on amount of interest and commitment we receive from the club members.

We hope to do more than we are doing now, but we need the help of active, interested members to get there. Please join us and bring your ideas and energy with you. We would love your input on how to continue to build this club!